Jeroen de Leijer


Jeroen de Leijer (Hilvarenbeek 1969)  is a visual artist, puppeteer and cartoonist. ‘Eefje Wentelteefje’, his most successful comic character appears in books, magazines and had her own television show nationwide. De Leijers first animation film appeared on television in 1993 and he has been mixing media ever since.

Drawing stays the starting point of all his work that balances between light hearted and darkly absurd.

While watching his work a nihilistic world view gradually appears that only can be fought with humour and art.

Jeroen has made several books with his partner in crime Marjolein Schalk.

Together with Marjolein Schalk and S. Lloyd Trumpstein he founded the

The thematic magazine Wobby appears four times a year printed on their own Risograph Duplicator.