Fontana Gallery

At Fontana we aim to reflect the state of art today. Our range is quite into a photographic view beyond the Becher school and the social documentary, merging it into an engaged, post-ideological and globalistic take. It is more that we wish to show how things actually are and look like – from industrial relicts, former rape victims and stage sets by a blind artist. This has a sharp and unresting edge, sometimes even slightly dystopian; pushing aside any form of formalistic indulgement. In 2011 when Fontana was created, we started with photography but we embrace all media as long as we have a strong personal connection with the artwork.

At Fontana we embrace the on-the-move concept, besides our gallery space on Lauriergracht we have exhibited at Nieuw Dakota in Amsterdam-Noord, we were present in Venice for two months during the Biennale di Venezia 2015 and in Brussels filling an 8 story building with all our main artists on Avenue Louise in last March.