Luycks Gallery

In 2009 Ingrid Luycks set up her gallery in the centre of Tilburg out of a lasting passion for art. Next to showcasing renowned artists of national and international fame she has, by scouting actively, been able to attract also young, upcoming talent.

In order to develop exciting shows she seeks for startling combinations between upcoming and proven artists, also inviting guest artists.
A certain social commitment and critical attitude towards world-wide developments is not uncommon in the exhibitions, though the aesthetic aspect is never neglected. Some of the artists in Luycks Gallery

use an alienating, if not absurd pictorial language.

In selecting works of art, quality, as regards to content and technique, as well as

professionalism and passion of the artist, are prioritized. The exhibitions, solo, duo and thematic group shows, are often accompanied by additional in-depth programmes, such as performances, recitations, lectures, concerts and artist talks.
Ingrid Luycks is an historian/art historian and author of several publications and articles on art.