To apply or not to apply?

At This Art Fair’s headquarters, this may just be the most frequently heard question. And although we cannot answer this question for everyone (Or can we? It seems we can: APPLY!), we can answer some of your other prevailing questions. Without further ado: the answers to your most urgent questions.


FAQ about This Art Fair


Why should I participate in This Art Fair? This Art Fair offers a platform for talented artists to show and sell their works – with or without gallery. Showcasing unseen and up-and-coming talents as well as well known artists, we demonstrate the diversity of the visual arts to a broad audience: 4 days, 100 artists, 18 galleries, 3,700m2.

This means that we are open to applications from artists of all ages and disciplines. It also means we seek to give the stage to art with an edge, to unseen or conceptual art. As for galleries, we like to work with galleries that foster young talent and think outside of the white cube.

How do I apply for this? This Art Fair does not select its participants on a first come, first served basis. Artists can apply through our website until July 10th and their application will then be subject to the This Art Fair selection committee for pre-approval. We will notify all applicants whether they have been accepted by 18 July.

How does the online application form work? On our website you’ll find an online application form that consists of 3 pages. On the first page you fill in your basic contact details and confirm you have read and agree with our terms and conditions. On the second page you answer 4 questions about your work and the fair. On the third page you upload 5 representative images of your work and an installation view.

Questions? What questions? These are the 4 questions you’ll have to answer on the application form:

1) Why do you wish to participate in This? (up to 800 characters)

2) What do you plan to exhibit at This Art Fair? (up to 800 characters)

3) How does your work relate to ‘our’ time? For example through the use of certain themes, materials or techniques? Do you think your work has meaning particularly for this age? (up to 800 characters)

4) How do you distinguish yourself from other artists and how do you deal with that? (up to 1000 characters)

How much does it cost to participate? Taking part in This Art Fair as an individual artist costs 375 euros for a 3 x 3m booth. If you prefer to take part as a duo you pay either 425 or 675 euros, for a 3×3 or 6×3 booth respectively. If you wish to present a sculpture or installation, you pay 50 euros per square meter. Galleries pay 675 euros for a 3×6 meter booth. All prices exclude VAT (21%).

Who visits This? Last year over 8000 people visited This Art Fair. The audience consists of art professionals, young collectors, and a generally interested crowd. Our audience is relatively young and upcoming, averaging in their early thirties. Did we mention that over 90% of artists sold works? Galleries did equally well.

Where do I find more information on This Art Fair? Follow us for artists’ news and events on Facebook or Twitter