Art in Redlight 2011

What about Art? The Chiellerie, Amsterdam

In 2011 De Oude Kerk closed its doors because of renovation works. Art in Redlight 7 therefore decided to collaborate with numerous other art initiatives: the event took place in The Chiellerie, Lloyd Hotel, Affordable Art Fair, Eddie the Eagle Museum and the Media Museum, amongst other places. This edition consisted of interviews and film footage on livestream. In addition, art lovers could follow a route through Amsterdam and send in pictures and films to Art in Redlight as part of a growing installation.

Stichting Art in Redlight:
Simone Swildens
Rob Thijssen
Robert Verhaaf

Film and Livestream
Rene Coster

Technical support live stream event
Sander Hoksbergen

Rob Thijssen
Livestream event in co-operation with Art Amsterdam and other locations like Lloyd Hotel, Affordable Art Fair, Eddie de Eagle Museum, Media Museum. Interviews and filmfootage on livestream.