Jan Theun van Rees

Camera Lucida

My work is created in a constant dialogue between observations of spatial situations in the outside world and an intuitive processing of these impressions in the seclusion of the studio.

‘In Between’ is a study of the negative spaces in between buildings (in Tokyo). All buildings in Tokyo are stand-alone and there’s always a gap between them. Often it’s no more than a slit, but if it becomes a little wider, they become narrow alleys reminiscent of the capillaries in our body that connect the individual cells with the entire vascular system.

‘Camera Lucida’ explores the connection between inside and outside through light. The camera obscura projects the outside world all over the walls, ceiling and floor of a space. Not only the pinhole creates a projection, all incidental light contains information from outside. In the studio I create and photograph installations that explore these manifestations.

Camera Lucida