RC de Ruimte

Joop Stoop is the founder of RC de Ruimte, Amsterdam/IJmuiden. Joop Stoop and Peter Klashorst are also the founders of the first artists’ initiative in Haarlem in the seventies. After having managed exhibition spaces in several places within and outside Amsterdam, RC de Ruimte went mobile. After a successful tour through Northern Europe (The Red Room), RC de Ruimte develops duo works. After having linked several artists to each other, RC de Ruimte will present at This Art Fair : Jos Houweling and Joop Stoop, who, apart from their autonomous works, show work in which they cooperate.

Jos Houweling writes: Standing on each other’s shoulders in order to embrace coincidence. Working together is changing yourself and change is the driving force behind art. It started with the book Voet & Bal.  Joop ripped out a page and added a drawing to it. One thing led to the next. According to Joop, football reminds him of fishnet stockings. According to Jos, fishnet stockings remind him of fishnet stockings. Football and sex are the pillars under our society. Apart from their collaborations they exhibit their own works: Joop shows a series, The Mother With In, made in France, and Jos shows Het grote elftal, made on his computer. And more. What or who is going to win? Winning is the pillar under us.