Ruimte Caesuur


The subject of painting is always central to the work of Giel Louws, in form as well as in content. In his current work, Louws questions the traditional form of a painting by making composite works, installations, and situational work. Furthermore, he investigates the possibility of making the fixed object more fluid by connecting successive layers to the carrier in new ways, so that renewed interventions are possible. The work responds not only to itself, but also to the environment. The size of the viewer and his/her position are an essential part of the experience. The frame that normally remains hidden behind the painting is currently given a prominent role in his work. Often in the form of a trestle, which appears in many ways. Sometimes as a carrier of a canvas, but more often also as a separate object. So the canvas and the paint become independent elements, in order to be able to meet again in new arrangements. This often results in paintings / objects, intermediate forms that move between painting and installation.

The artist studied at the academies of Bruges and Kampen, and has worked as an artist for over 20 years.

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