Engaged art

For art collectors ready to fast forward. For the social sensitives. For the curious and the founders. For pioneers. We are STAFF_ ROOM and we love to guide you in this exciting new era. We exclusively represent socially and politically engaged artists. We actively participate in the ephemeral process they go through and distil their semis and residues. So go ahead and check out the by-catch.

Virtual gallery

Engaged art practices are typically developed and delivered through collaboration and participation over a period of time. Anywhere and anytime, as life itself. Yes! you may visit us in Amsterdam but by definition, we have no permanent exhibition space. STAFF_ ROOM manifests online and offline wherever social and political issues lead her.

Fossil Free Culture NL

At This Art Fair STAFF_ ROOM proudly presents Fossil Free Culture NL, a collective of artists and activists that uses disobedient art to confront fossil fuel industry sponsorship of cultural institutions. Fossil Free Culture recently booked their first major win when the Van Gogh Museum dropped their sponsor Shell after 18 years.

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