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This Road Show


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29 & 30 August

29  August 14.00 – 19.00

30 August 12.00 – 17.00

For two days, the NDSM site will provide the context for This Road Show, an optimistic exhibition that brings together the work of 16 artists. The sculptures, installations and performances playfully reflect upon men, machine and freedom. The result is a nomadic and light-footed exhibition that celebrates the possibilities of everyday life. Mobility and movement are seen as a metaphor for freedom and optimism – something we can use in these challenging times.


Performance Program

August 29, Saturday

15:00 Jiaojiao Li (20 min.)

16:00 Sarah Atzori (20 min)

17:00 Ronald Bal (30 min.)

18:00 Jolanda Jansen (30 min.)


August 30, Sunday

12:00 Charlien Adriaenssens (ongoing)

13:00 Jiaojiao Li (20 min.)

14:00 Jolanda Jansen (30 min.)

15:00 Ronald Bal (30 min.)


Participating artists

Arjen Lancel,  Art van Triest,  Bart Eysink Smeets, Berk Duygun, Charlien Adriaenssens,  Eirik Jahnsen,  Jarle Veldman,  Jiao Jiao Li,  Jolanda Jansen,  Josje Hattink, Leon de Bruijne, Lieselot Moed,  Maaike Fransen,  Maarten Bel,  Pip Passchier,  Ronald Bal,  Rosalien Derkinderen, Sara Atzori

This Road Show is curated by Kim Nathalia (MILK) and P.S. Performance Site.

This Road Show is made possible with the generous support of LeasePlan, Mondrian Fund and AFK