This Art Fair => 2025

The next edition of This Art Fair will take place in May 2025!

The fair where talented artists present their own work returns to the familiar Kromhouthal in Amsterdam-Noord.

Unfortunately there will be no This in 2024. The foundation and the team have made the difficult decision to skip a year. We look back on a number of adventurous years. In which we not only changed locations and period, had to deal with a pandemic, but also experienced changes in day-to-day management. In addition, we experimented with the one-time Springboard Art Fair in 2023. After all these experiences, the team is extra motivated to put on a wonderful edition of This Art Fair in 2025.

No matter what changes, supporting artists in their professional development remains the core of This. You will certainly hear from us this year: soon we will tell you about the continuation of This Works and there are also plans for an activity in the summer in which artists can participate.

Want to stay informed, vent about the postponement or sign up in advance for next year? Then send an email to