This Art Fair x DD Auction

What are you doing THIS summer Darlings?
How about getting yourself some art? Good plan!

Come to PAKT Foundation at Zeeburgerpad 53 on Saturday July 13th and join our auction!

Dead Darlings Collective and This Art Fair join forces to bring you an exciting summer event that combines elements of performance and exhibition. We invite you to our subversive, inclusive, anonymous art auction: Dead Darlings #19 — And Now THIS! Featuring a tantalising and diverse list of artists while highlighting those unique pieces that lie outside artist’s main body of work. In this edition we pay homage to the outliers: artworks that somehow fail to fall into orbit, pieces that refuse to be incorporated in the system…

We place these rather particular works in the spotlight, tell their stories and help them find a new home where they can finally belong. Dead Darlings auctions are anonymous, meaning that we only announce the name of the maker after the sale of the piece! This impartiality creates a playful tension and sets our auctions apart.

In addition to the anonymity, these works have no pre-existing commercial price tag, allowing artists to set low starting prices, giving everyone a chance to bid and acquire a unique original art piece while stimulating an ongoing conversation about how art is valued.

Entrance is free and everyone with an auction paddle can participate and bid in the auction. It will be conducted in a fun and casual atmosphere. Drinks are generously provided by our friends at Oedipus, there will be snacks, music and of course lots and lots of darlings!

See you there!

Meet & Greet, Auction Preview
Thursday 11th July: 19:00 — 21:00

Exhibition Open to Visitors
Friday 12th July: 11:00 — 19:00

Dead Darlings Auction
Saturday 13th July: 17:00 — 20:00
Doors Open: 15:00

PAKT Foundation
Zeeburgerpad 53 1019 AB Amsterdam


Download our online catalogue here and come visit us on the preview days to look around and say hi! On the day of the auction, please come early to register for your bidding paddle, find a good seat and grab a drink from the bar! There is no added fee to the selling price; payment is possible through iZettle, but cash is preferable! After which, you can take your darling home right away!

62 Participating Artists in Alphabetical Order:

Alex Fischer
Alvaro Ugarte
Anika Schwarzlose
Anouk Kruithof
Antoinette Nausikaä
Aurélien Lepetit
Bart Eysink Smeets
Bas Kosters
Bo Wen
Danielle Alhassid
Domas van Wijk
Elise van Staveren
Eva Sijstermans
Finn Godwin
Freek van Zoest
Friederike Hammann
George Mazari
Gijs Assmann
Gijs van Lith
Hangfeng Chen
Iskra Vukšić
Janneke Raaphorst
Jean-Philippe Paumier
Jim Klok
Joan Brenda Hunt
Johannes Schwartz
Joseph Hughes
Julia Kaiser
Karina Puuffin
Lily Lanfermeijer
Lisa Sudhibhasilp
Lotte van Geijn
Lyubov Matyunina
Maurice van Daalen
Marthe Wille
Mayra Sergio
Megan Hadfield
Michiel Kluiters
Mike Ottink
Pantelis Makkas
Peim van der Sloot
Peter de Boer
Peter Spaans
Phoebe Pryor
Rob Thijssen
Rob van de Werdt
Robin Alysha Clemens
Ruth van Beek
Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen
Sander van Noort
Simon Marsiglia
Sjaak Kooij
Sophie Aigner
Stijn Elshuis
Thijs Segers
Thomas Manneke
V&B (Alex Jacobs
& Ellemieke Schoenmaker)
Vincent Zedelius
Vytautas Kumža
Xiangdong Li
Yang Qiu
Yann Vissers