Art in Redlight 2010

EMPTINESS? De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

In challenging times, Art in Redlight 6 also aimed to challenge artists and their audience. Some thirty national and international artists shared their visions of the era they found themselves in: is this a time of social pressure and shifting values – or is the future a blank canvas once more?

Stichting Art in Redlight:
Simone Swildens
Rob Thijssen
Robert Verhaaf
Inger Kolff
Arjen Hofstra

Exterior installation and residency program
in association with Gabriel Rolt.

Douglas White

Steve Ormerod

Communication and design
Mediacollege Amsterdam
Bureau de Nieuwe Buren

Tom van Noorden




  • Papa Adema Philippe Apeloig Manu Baeyens
  • Wout Berger Mohamed Bouyzgame Lobke Burgers Concrete Anton Dijkgraaf Georges Hannah Eddie Hara Hanura Hosea Kevin Dalton Johnson Riekje Louise Jongsma Emile van der Kruk Florian Lantau Meiya Lin Miriam Londono Roger Loos Lu Luo Josee le Roux Anami Schrijvers Rubins J. Spaans Tafil Douglas White Monique Wijbrands