This 2021 – How to apply and other answers to your questions

After a cancelled art fair in 2020 we will at last organize the first edition of  This Art Fair in the Kromhouthal, a 400m2 industrial space. The fair is taking place from 13 until 16 May 2021. Apart from familiar faces from previous editions, we also hope to welcome new participants. You can now apply for one of the 25 final stands we have left.


This in 2021
After nine months without art fairs, we are looking forward to This Art Fair 2021. After we’ve had to cancel This 2020 due to the pandemic, the next edition will finally take place in a little under five months. This 2021 will be corona proof, which means a broader set-up with larger stands and clear directions.

Naturally, we will take the measures applicable at that time into account, but as a transfer location we have many possibilities. We will work with time slots, keep track of the capacity of the location, etc.

What else will change?
There is more that we’ll do a little differently next year. For the first time, this edition will be artist-only, which means there will be no galleries participating. After this challenging year, we want to provide a platform to those who need it most.

And there is more: in collaboration with the LAM museum, we are organising a coaching trajectory by gallerists and art professionals for 40 of our participants. You can apply from late January/February.

In the run-up to the fair, you also have a membership of This Works at your disposal. And you can sign up for the warming-up of This Art Fair: during the May holiday we will draw attention to the fair with the mobile exhibition project This Mobile Art Gym.

Participation & conditions
We are once again doing an open call for This Art Fair 2021. The first stands have been allocated to participants of the cancelled edition of 2020. We are setting up our open call in a more targeted manner for the remaining 25 stands. You can register until January 31. We will announce who we’re adding to the selection of This 2021 around 5 February.

You can register via the This Art Fair website for a solo presentation or a presentation with another artist as a duo. The costs are € 690 for a solo presentation and € 1240 for a duo stand. You can pay this amount in a maximum of 3 installments. The LAM offers a part of the participation costs to artists who have graduated less than 5 years.

FAQ about This Art Fair

Why should I participate in This Art Fair?
This Art Fair offers a platform for talented artists to show and sell their works. Showcasing unseen and up-and-coming talents as well as well-known artists, we demonstrate the diversity of the visual arts to a broad audience.

After 6 fantastic editions of This Art Fair in the Beurs van Berlage, This is crossing the water to the North of Amsterdam. During the Ascension weekend of 2021, we will organize the next edition of This Art Fair in the industrial Kromhouthal. In this old factory hall This will continue to grow. The 4000 sqm location offers space for around 100 artists.

This brings together a group of ambitious artists and an audience of collectors, professionals and art afficionados. This results in an extention of your network, potential sales and new projects. We aim to give artists a platform but also to stimulate talent and cultural entrepeneurship. That is why we also organize This Works, a program of a.o. masterclasses and inspirational visits to art collectors for our participants.

Where do I Apply for This?

individual artists apply here / artist wanting to collaborate apply for a duo booth here / Galleries apply here.

What kind of art is This showing? 

This is open to applications from artists of all ages and disciplines. We do like to give the stage to art with an edge, to unseen or conceptual art. As for galleries, we like to work with galleries that foster young talent and think outside of the white cube.

How do I apply for This?
This Art Fair does not select its participants on a first come, first served basis. Artists can apply through our website until 31 January and their application will then be subject to the This Art Fair selection committee for pre-approval. We aim to notify all applicants whether they have been accepted around 9 February.

How does the online application form work?
On our website you’ll find an online application form that consists of 3 sections. You can scroll down the form to see what we ask you to submit. in short: in the first section you fill in your basic contact details and confirm you have read and agree with our terms and conditions. In the second section you answer 4 questions about your work and your expectations of the fair. In the third section you upload 5 representative images of your work and an installation view.

Upload an installation view? What’s that? 

As we can only judge your work from images we like to have at least one image that shows your work in situ. It gives the selection committee a better idea of the dimensions and texture of the work. Also it gives us an idea of how you present your work. A photo of your work in a previous exhibition is ideal, but a picture of your work in your studio worls as well!

Questions? What questions?
These are the 4 questions you’ll have to answer on the application form:
1) Why do you wish to participate in This? (up to 800 characters) – We are keen to find out what you expect from your participation in the fair. What is your motivation and what do you hope to get out of This? No need for sucking up here!
2) What do you plan to exhibit at This Art Fair? (up to 800 characters) – Here we like to find out what you aim to present. We realize the fair is haf a year away and plans might change, but give us a rough idea of what to expect from your presentation at This.
3) How does your work relate to ‘our’ time? For example through the use of certain themes, materials or techniques? Do you think your work has meaning particularly for this age? (up to 800 characters) – We like to present work that is ‘contemporary’ in its broadest sense.
4) How do you distinguish yourself from other artists and how do you deal with that?
(up to 1,000 characters) – what sets you apart?

How much does it cost to participate?

Last year we had to adjust our fees, this year we did not change the participation fee. The last few years, our stand fees have hardly increased. However, the costs for location, stands and lighting have. Each year, we aim to let participants pay only what they actually get: walls, square meters and a unique spot. We pay additional costs – PR, the preview, the organisation and insurance – from other proceeds.
We are aware that 597 euros is a lot of money for a (young) artist. That is why you may share a stand with another artist and opt for a duo presentation. Recently started artists can also apply for a financial contribution from the LAM fund (see below).

Particpation Fees

All artists pay a refundable and non-refundable fee (€120 for individual artists or € 240 for duos) for their participation. In case we are not able to organize This Art Fair as planned and rescheduling is no option you will get your refundable fee restituted. In that case you will get a full year membership for This Works as well as alternative presentation options.

Individual artists

a booth of approx 15 sqm (11 stretched meter wall)
€ 570 + €120 (including a set of invitations for the preview) = € 690


€ 50 per square meter + € 120 (including a set of invitations for the preview)
Duo stands

€ 1000 + € 240,00 (including a set of invitations for the preview) = € 1240,00 ex VAT

LAM offers financial support to young talent
This Art Fair wants to offer opportunities to young talent and encourage entrepreneurship. The LAM, the museum founded by the VandenBroek Foundation, shares that view. LAM enables young talents to participate, by contributing to their fees.

The LAM has set up a fund for young talents – graduated less than 5 years ago, or active as a self-taught artist for less than 6 years. On the application form on our site, participants can indicate if they wish to claim such a contribution. More information about LAM and the VandenBroek Foundation: