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This Art Fair

After ten years of showcasing surprising art, we felt that we should also surprise our participants and visitors with a new name. A name that would embody the spirit of our art fair – unpretentious, upcoming and happening. Above all our new name should highlight that our art fair is different from all those art fairs – This is this.

This Art Fair is different, yet we didn’t change – we simply chose a new name that reflects our unique concept. In the stunning Beurs van Berlage we will give the stage to over 80 individual artists, with or without galleries. In booths and open spaces young talents showcase their work alongside that of experienced and well-known artists. This still organizes workshops, lectures and meetings to prepare artists for the fair in the best way we can.

A change of names, logos, design and websites doesn’t come easy – just like finding love, it hardly ever is right the first time around. And like finding love, love at first sight rarely occurs. But when we first came to This Art Fair we instantly knew: This is it!