Galerie Fleur & Wouter

Galerie Fleur & Wouter organises exhibitions and events at various locations. The gallery was born out of the idea to reshape exhibitions so that art can become more accessible. So far, the gallery has explored alternative creative concepts such as presenting an exhibition about romantic relationships between artists and has delivered on making art attainable by hosting an auction in which artworks can be traded for everything except money. Our goal is to reach a young audience and make it possible for them to buy art. During This Art Fair, the works of Laura, Floor and Lonneke – three contemporary artists who in their work search for mysterious elements in real or unreal societies – are presented in the fictional reception parlour of an old Duke from the 19th century. The space is filled with reminders of his journeys around the world. With these artworks he has brought the world, he can no longer roam into his own home, enabling his mind to keep on exploring.