Heden offers a platform to contemporary artists making tangible, lasting work. The gallery offers high-quality art that is accessible, and focuses on photography, painting, and work on paper.

What characterizes the artists that we represent is the combination of aesthetics and research. The attraction of the image invites our audience to discover the story behind the artwork. The gallery focuses on artists that observe the world with an original and investigative view, and are able to communicate this in a clear and accessible way. This translates into artworks that are visually captivating, but which also contain interesting, in-depth ideas. The combination of both is characteristic and essential.

Heden acts as a bridge between the observer and the artist. Regular studio visits, lectures, dinners and other events deepen the commitment that the observers have with the exhibitions and the development of the artists.

Heden shows young talent, and up-and-coming and well-known artists, and guides artists in their development. The ANNEX programme, which runs parallel to the regular exhibitions, particularly offers space for experiment and deepening. It offers recently graduated artists a solo show and guidance at the beginning of their careers.

Heden has an intensive relation with the KABK (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague); its exhibition programme focuses primarily on alumni of this academy, and on artists with a connection to The Hague. In this way, we strengthen our ties to the city, and contribute to the environment of makers.